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Clamps For Plastic Machine & Rotomoulding Industries


PA-H Pull Action Clamp


Horizonatal Handle Clamp

Chamunda's PA-H Clamps holding capacity with easy operation. The treated "U" bolts var hook permits easy simple adjustment and provide a positive connection with the supplied latch plate.   Chamunda's PA-10TA series clamps are most compact in arm line of Pull Action Clamps due to their straight line design of the pull bar. Mounted suitable the clamp can be use in a cariety of latching application. Such as locking pressure Vasslas, Mould, Automobile, Trail gate, Closing & Hilding door etcs. The pull bar is threaded from convenient adjustment.
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TGP Pull Back Clamps


Compact Clamps

Chamunda's This clamp is unique in having an action similer to a wideopening locking. Plier, but having flange body can be fasened to the fixture or roto mold against wich the work piece or mold half is to be clamped.
Jaw open 90 to clar completely. Handle grip provide with pipe to easy operation
  - PA-ISA(U/J) : Holding Pressure 75 kg
- PA-2SA(U/J) : Holding Pressure 75 kg
- PA-3SA(U/J) : Holding Pressure 50 kg
- PA--5-SQ(U/J) : Holding Pressure 100 kg
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TC-PA Pull Action Clamp


PA-V Pull Action Clamp

* Also Available in Stainless Steel.  
Chamunda's TC-PA Model Clamp at excellent for locking and fasting on fixtures, wide range of latching operations, best all around clamp for locking pressure vessels doors, Holding cargo containers, Automobiles Tail gate etc. Pull bar is threaded for convenient adjustment. Furnished corrosion resistance.   Chamunda's PA-V Pulling Action is perpendicular to the base and vertical handle in this design. These models are ideal for installation such as lids closures were it is preferavble to mount the clamp on thelid and latch plate on the vessels. This model ideal for clamping of door, lids, access covers in to drums, containers or other vessels. Latch plate is optional.
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Clamping Accessories


Mould Clamping Accessories

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Heavy Duty Mold Hinge


Straight Line Action

Mould Hinge is ideal for Plastic Mould Components, PU Mould for Car Seats.    
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