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  About Toggle Clamps
  What is a Toggle Clamp?  
  Toggle clamps operate on a simple mechanical principal and are used to fasten objects instantly, especially for jigs and fixtures.

Typically, a toggle clamp consists of:
A handle to operate the mechanism A clamping arm to hold the work-piece Linkages to multiply the applied force and a base to mount the clamp to a work bench or other surface.
  How does the toggle action work?  
  Toggle action clamps operate through a linkage system of levers and pivots (fulcrum). The fixed-length levers, connected by pivoting pins, supply the action and clamping force. The toggle action has a lock point which is a fixed stop and linkage. Once in the lock position, the clamp does not unlock unless the linkage is moved/released. Although oriented in different ways, most toggle clamps are designed using this basic principle.  
  What types of toggle actions are available on Chamunda Equipments clamps?  
  Chamunda Equipments manufactures over 200 standard toggle clamps and fixturing systems. Among them, the following toggle actions are available: Vertical Hold Down Action — Clamps of this type hold the work piece with a downward clamping action. Straight Line Action — also known as horizontal or push/pull clamps, these have a moving plunger that slides along its axis. Pull Action — Clamps of this type have a hook or U-bolt as the clamping arm and are designed specifically for applications that require a closure mechanism, such as mould closures, sealing chambers or doors. Squeeze Action — This type of clamps holds part together using a pinching or squeezing force. Vise-grips and toggle-pliers operate with this action.

Please feel free to browse through our online catalogue to view details of Chamunda Equipments clamps suitable for your application.
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